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Expert Guidance

GEC partners with employers, educators, and educational institutions to determine creative classroom and eLearning-based solutions for student and staff development.  Through the learning needs and audience analysis processes, I gather pertinent data on each organization, its culture and target learners, the learning needs and desired outcomes to determine the best course design strategy.  I use the modified ADDIE instructional design methodology and principles of constructive social learning theory to design meaningful content that will engage learners with different motivations, learning styles, and learning capabilities.  I ensure materials represent the diversity you value within your organization, and further ensure that content is structured to accommodate learners who may utilize assistive technology, such as closed captioning, ADA-compliant captioning of images, and transcription of video or interactive image content. 

I design content for delivery in live classroom, blended programs, and fully online eLearning curriculum. 

Examples of the types of content design and student-centered learning features that I have designed include:

  • Training simulation videos for teaching a new technical skill

  • Scenario-based content that allows students to interact with information and make real-world learning connections

  • Interactive timelines that enliven content and draw learners’ interest

  • Formative assessments to measure student learning, such as:

    • Tradition question formats: multiple choice, multiple answer, short answer essay

      • may also incorporate images and video for better context and clarity, depending on the setting and LMS platform capability

    • Scenarios and video vignettes with decision points

    • Graphic/image hotspot interactives

    • Drag/drop activities

    • Puzzles and instructional games

    • Matching and Drop-down Menu questions

Do you already have a course designed and design document, and you simply need someone to build it or revise an existing course? I will collaborate with your subject matter experts on content development, then design the content to meet the specifications of your LMS or classroom structure. 



Empowering instructors for success empowers your students. 

GEC designs content for professional development webinars and workshops that will engage your faculty, increase their sense of value and loyalty to your institution, and sharpen their course delivery skills through the use of proven and creative student-centered course delivery techniques. 

I also work one-on-one with faculty who are in the process of transforming their established course content from classroom to online delivery. I create a design plan, based upon course content and the institution’s LMS capability to create clean, easy to follow, module-based course content that incorporates interactive elements to motivate and engage students in their learning.

Contact me today to learn how I may add value to your organization’s staff education and training activities.



Human Interaction Matters.

So does your time and business productivity.

In a world of eLearning solutions that do allow for both live and asynchronous interaction, there are a growing number of settings in which face-to-face workshop-based training still has great value to employees building and sustaining relationships and organizational morale. This specific service is designed to analyze, confront, and solve your business needs.

I partner with employers to design quality workshop materials that will both engage learners and make the best use of their time.  Learning activities and assessment content is generally arranged within the content of participant guides, facilitator guides, and facilitator presentation slides to anchor key concepts.

You need it done right, on time, and on budget.  I guarantee full client satisfaction on fulfillment of each project’s targets.

Contact me today to learn how I may add value to your organization’s staff education and training activities.


For live Classroom, blended program or online eLearning settings.  Please click below to browse portfolio samples of my work.

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